Getting Food Ready

Every two weeks we get food together for our schools to pick up.  We start at 9:00am and we are done by 1pm, although we are usually done before 1pm.  We are looking for 3-4 volunteers for each of the dates below.   If you can help on 1 day or multiple dates, we sure do appreciate it!

Tuesday - August 31, 2021

Wednesday - September 15, 2021 - need 2 more

Tuesday - September 28, 2021

Tuesday - October 12, 2021 - need 1 more

Tuesday - October 26, 2021 - need 2 more

Tuesday - November 9, 2021 - need 1 more

Tuesday - November 30. 2021 - need 2 more

Tuesday - December 14, 2021 - need 1 more

Tuesday - January 4, 2022 - need 2 more

Unloading Food & Organizing

We have large food orders we need help putting away, also food collected from food drives.  The dates are random and I’m not able to plan them on the calendar so I have a list that we can then text/email volunteers to check on your availability.  We can do this any day of the week that works for you so please include your best day and your preference with how we should reach out to you with either a text or email.  Please use the Volunteer Sign-up Form below.


Our 5th annual charity golf tournament is October 1, 2021, Friday.  We are excited to finally be able to have our Swing To End Hunger Charity Golf Tournament.  We have a BIG need for volunteers for this event and you can either come for the entire day or volunteer for 1/2 day.  We provide you with a t-shirt, snacks in the morning, pizza for the volunteers while the golfers have their lunch & awards and a GREATn time.  Our golf tournament is a fun tourney and probably one of the only tournaments with a chance for the golfers to bowl a hole.

The day of the event we will need help with setting up (7:00am), registering the golfers, selling tickets, getting vendors out to their holes, manage a game at a hole, etc.  We have a plethora of opportunities Oct. 1st from 7:00am- 3:00pm or 1/2 days 7:00am - 11: 00am or 11:00am - 3:00 pm.  Use this link for the golf tournament volunteer sign up sheet.

Use this form to be added to the list for getting food ready for the schools and to help unload/organize food in the food locker.

 I can help August 31, 2021 - Tuesday

 I can help September 15, 2021 - Wednesday

 I can help September 28, 2021 - Tuesday

 I can help October 12, 2021 - Tuesday

 I can help October 26, 2021 - Tuesday

 I can help November 9, 2021 - Tuesday

 I can help November 30, 2021 - Tuesday

 I can help December 14, 2021 - Tuesday

 I can help January 4, 2022 - Tuesday

 Add me to the list to unload/organize