We are looking to have a little fun with the upcoming Super Bowl LVll AND help to replenish our food locker's soup shelves. 

The Souper Bowl will run through Feb. 12, 2023, Super Bowl Sunday.  We are collecting Chicken Noodle, Vegetable, and Tomato cans of soup.  There are variations that are 100% okay, e.g. Chicken & Rice soup or Bean soup, etc.  We are staying away from cream soups as most kids do not care for them, and we want to give food to the kids they will be more prone to eat.  I know Cream of Mushroom soup was (still is) NOT a soup I would have ate.

This is a GREAT little food drive that can have a BIG impact on our bottom line.  We are sending weekend food home for right at 550 children, and we are in talks with a school to add 54 more students, which will bring us to over 600 weekend food bags going out every single Friday of the school year. 

Some suggestions on where you might be able to have a Souper Bowl drive for us are:

  • Work
  • Where you pray
  • Where you play
  • A real Super Bowl LVll party
  • Clubs or groups you belong to
  • School

We are working on securing drop-off locations in Rancho Cordova, Rosemont, and Folsom, more info to come.

What it will entail from you is:
  • Decide where you would like to ask for donations, e.g. office, church, gym,

I am happy to customize our flyer for your needs, email JD@BibSac.org.