Every two weeks, our schools come to our food locker at Unity of Sacramento, and we can sure use your help getting the food ready for them.  We normally start at 9 or 9:30, and we are done by noon.  We send food for the student and not the entire family because our littles can't carry home a BIG bag of food.

2 or 3 volunteers would be great every other Tuesday, with an occasionally Wednesday.  Right now we are getting food together for 3 schools because we send 5 of our schools prepackaged meals.  It is possible that more schools will return to picking up bulk food because we provide more food than what is in the prepackaged meals. 

Volunteers are also needed when we receive a food donation to help us put the food up.

These are the dates we require help.

January 11th     2 volunteers

January 25th - 2 volunteers

February 8th - 2 volunteers

February 22nd - 2 volunteers

March 8th - 2 volunteers

March 22nd - 2 volunteers

April 5th - 2 volunteers

April 20th - 2 volunteers - Wednesday

May 3rd - 2 volunteers

May 17th - 2 volunteers

Please use the form below to sign up for volunteer opportunities,

   Yes, I can help, January 25, 2022

   Yes, I can help, February 8, 2022

   Yes, I can help, February 22, 2022

   Yes, I can help, March 8, 2022

   Yes, I can help, March 22, 2022

   Yes, I can help, April 5, 2022

   Yes, I can help, April 20, 2022

YES   Yes, I can help, May 3, 2022

   Yes, I can help, May 17, 2022

  Yes, I can help put away food and help with organizing